Happy vacation 2023!

We want to offer you attractive places to visit during the summer season. Places where you'll find magnificent projects for which we're very proud to have had the chance to collaborate on these unique creations.

Follow us! Follow us! It's worth the detour!


We offer you an immersive experience in the discovery of flora and fauna, just a stone's throw from Montreal. In the Parc National des Iles-de-Boucherville, you'll find LES HALTES DÉCOUVERTES, a unique 20-kilometre trail featuring a large interactive fresco and 8 explanatory stops.

It's the perfect place for picnicking, walking, cycling and camping. Do it on your own, with friends or family.

Come breathe the fresh air and get closer to nature!


Whether it's for its breathtaking scenery, gourmet restaurants or just to get away from it all, Charlevoix is the perfect destination for a memorable stay.

In addition, Le Festif! de Baie Saint-Paul takes place this weekend! A not-to-be-missed event on the Quebec & international music scene. The diverse program is sure to please!

Once you've had your fill of music and encounters, we suggest you make a detour to the Casino de Charlevoix. To have fun, of course, but also to admire our very first project.

In the main hall of the Casino de Charlevoix is this one. Look up to the sky and you'll see a magnificent chandelier diffusing light through a set of prisms that create circular light sequences.
A Moment Factory concept that Jack World produced in collaboration with Generique Design.

In 2010, the family garage was transformed into a real workshop! That's right! The 14' x 20' work was created in a space not much bigger than this. The three brothers and their father have been Tetris champions ever since!

So many memories... still today, making us all infinitely proud of this project!

Enjoy this wonderful corner of the world, and discover where Jack World began.


We can't overlook the event of July 6, 2013, when the community of Lac-Mégantic experienced an unprecedented human and ecological catastrophe.

Authentic and innovative, the town of Lac-Mégantic is a region worth discovering. Whether for its people, its shops, its activities or its superb panorama, it's well worth the detour!

Did you know that Jack World helped rebuild the town center? In collaboration with Daily tous les jours, we participated in LA MARCHE DU VENT as a manufacturer and installer.

"La marche du vent is a memorial walk, a therapeutic route that pays tribute to the victims of the tragedy and supports the residents at the dawn of the city's major reconstruction project. "-Daily every day.

Along the way, you'll pass through THE HOUSE OF WIND. Above your head you'll see 79 wind chimes representing each of the victims. They resonate in the wind, inspiring contemplation.

You'll also come across five wooden houses: THE HOUSE OF STORIES. They will teach you about the resilience of the inhabitants over time, beyond the tragedy.

You can then head for "La Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé du Mont-Mégantic", an exceptional destination for learning about astronomy or simply admiring the sky. Also in collaboration with Dayli tous les jours, Jack World helped build five giant hammocks, woven with the help of the community. A perfect place to spend a memorable moment with loved ones and gaze at the stars.

And that's not all! The town is the first in Quebec to have an electric microgrid. A system equipped with 2,200 solar panels, several storage batteries, a home automation device and a centralized control system. It is capable of supplying part of Lac-Mégantic's new downtown area.

Thanks to our partnership with Hydro-Québec, we are delighted to have been involved in the latter's outdoor interpretation project. In collaboration with Studio Overall, we have created an explanatory wall and kiosk to tell you all about the solar panels.

Discover a city full of riches, and make some incredible memories.


Ice cream, sweet lemonade, tell me the name of your date! A B C D... lalala
These words bring back memories of our youth for many of us.

Bringing people of all origins together, young and old alike can have fun, skipping rope awakens our childlike hearts.

With Skip Up! we instantly fall back into childhood.
Better still, there's no need to quibble about who's going to turn first haha!

This 100% Jack World project is now available to amuse and embellish your public spaces.

Don't hesitate to write to us for more information on how to rent Skip! Up!

Have a great summer! We wish you a summer filled with exciting projects, enriching encounters and memories to tell! Don't forget to bundle up, but above all, have fun!

We'd like to take this opportunity to point out that the Jacks will be taking a short summer break. We'll be off for the two weeks of construction, from July 23 to August 6. A well-deserved break to get you back in top form by August 7!

Thank you for your confidence, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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