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New Support Fuels Global Reach

Jack World receives grant from Canadian Heritage under the Creative Export Canada program

Jack World had the honour of hosting Minister of Canadian Heritage Pascale St-Onge on Monday, March 11. She was at our workshop to announce that Jack World would receive a grant from Creative Export Canada, a program that aims to promote Canada’s creative industries in international markets.


With the program’s invaluable support, Jack World is getting ready to showcase Canadian innovation in several US states. The $580,000 grant from Canadian Heritage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Jack World to expand its reach and flex its creative muscles south of the border. 

At Jack World's workshop, the minister enjoys a demonstration of some of the works that were made entirely on site.

At the heart of the project are several incredible works and installations that show Canada’s creative genius in all its glory. Among them Sk!p Up! (developed entirely in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu), Solstice (from Iregular and Jack World), and Hexaphone (from Troublemakers), to name a few. These unique creations will reach an international audience as they tour several places and events in the United States. 


In addition to helping these works reach new markets, the grant is also funding some special events across the US that will shine a spotlight on Canadian artists, their talent and vision.  


Will the generous support of the Creative Export Canada program, Jack World is poised to make its mark in the global creative ecosystem, furthering all the while the reputation and influence of Canada’s arts scene globally.


For more on the international adventures of Montreal’s own Jack World and the interactive installations that will soon hit the road, watch this interview (in French only) with Jack World Vice President of Creative and Business Development Nicolas Jacques and Vice President, Engineering Division Antoine Champagne on Télévision du Haut-Richelieu. 

Photo credit: Jack World

For more information, contact Julie Paquette at

Our summer projects

The summer season is officially behind us, and it left us with some great memories. We worked on some exciting projects and forged some incredible links with several partners. 


It's thanks to these exceptional collaborations and our extraordinary team that we've been able to achieve so much this summer. Each project was unique, and we're delighted to share them with you. 

Here's a look at some of our summer projects: 

The incredible story of Montmorency Falls with Hydro-Québec 

At the foot of the waterfall, an architectural structure in the shape of a timeline rises up, revealing the important events linked to Hydro-Québec on this site.


The architecture blends harmoniously into its natural surroundings, and the choice of materials has been brilliantly thought through, with the aim of making the structure disappear in the light.

A superb way to rediscover part of the history of this important site for hydroelectricity in Quebec.

Lumina in Pays de la Sagouine 

Once again, we had the privilege of participating in the "Lumina" projects created by Moment Factory. 


AKADI LUMINA is a breathtaking nocturnal experience that takes place in New Brunswick's Pays de la Sagouine. This magical journey highlights Acadian history and culture. 


We were very proud to help create some of the elements of this immersive experience, including a charming wooden house.


A fantastic event that runs until October 14. 

urban relaxation 

We're delighted to have taken part in a superb project in collaboration with Studio Dikini.


Hammock chairs invite you to relax in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city. Comfortable, elegant and original, they are designed to fit in perfectly with the dynamism of the entertainment district.


Come and enjoy their comfort and let yourself be lulled by the city magic that surrounds them.

even more color at Marché Jean Talon

Imagine yourself strolling through the famous Jean-Talon Market, surrounded by vibrant colors. Our colorful steles, flower pots and benches add an artistic touch to this vibrant place. This collaboration with studio Le Comité makes shopping even more fun. 


With autumn just around the corner, it's the perfect time to take a trip to the market, support our local producers, and whip up some delicious comfort food! 

Urban art for conviviality 

The Ombrelles chairs, created in partnership with studio Le Comité, bring a touch of freshness to Jean-Talon Street.  


These elegant, colorful structures provide a welcome spot of shade for passers-by. They are also an ingenious way of combating heat islands by covering the Ombrelles with greenery.  


This collaboration combines ingenuity and sustainability for the good of the community. 

Come and try them out! 

LUCIA lights up public squares 

Lucia, created and imagined by Anne Lagacé and Mirari, enchants the mind.  


This giant music box fuses classical music, sculpture and animation to create a captivating experience. It encourages social interaction and brings people together around its poetry. 


We invite you to meet her: she'll be lighting up Parc le Casimir-Dessaules in Saint-Hyacinthe from October 6 to 31, and the public square in Mont-Tremblant from December 15 to March 10. 

Echo in the heart of Manhattan 

We recently installed Écho, Le chant de l'inconnu by Mathias Gmachl; a majestic, life-size representation of a sublime, year-old blue whale. 

This imposing steel whale, weighing 5 tonnes and measuring 17 metres in length, now wades through the heart of Manhattan. 


This sound, light and interactive installation invites visitors to reflect on the impact of our daily actions on nature and the environment, and raises awareness of its precariousness. 


We would like to thank Garment District Alliance for making this representation possible, and QDSinternational for giving us the opportunity to take their installations around the world. As delegated producer, we are very proud to use our expertise to promote interactive art and its creators beyond our borders.

The invitation is out; come and meet her, she'll be there until November 16. 

Celebrating Inclusion 

This summer, we had the opportunity to get involved in a project that differed from our usual routine. 


At Jack, social inclusion is a value we hold dear, and we were honored to play an important role in the annual Parrainage Civique du Haut-Richelieu picnic, as presenting partner. 


Parrainage Civique du Haut-Richelieu, a community-based volunteer organization, is dedicated to its core mission of working passionately to integrate people with intellectual, physical, autism spectrum or mental health disabilities into their communities. Their commitment to inclusion is an inspiration to us. 


At this event, we shared joy, created precious memories, and celebrated diversity. 


We are grateful to have been able to share this unique moment. 

We're now ready to welcome autumn with enthusiasm, full of exciting projects in mind. After this incredible summer season, we can't wait to share our next designs with you. Stay tuned, as new adventures and great collaborations await us! 

Credits :


Design: studio Dikini
Technical design: Jack World
Manufacture: Jack World
Photos : Jack World


Design: Studio Overall
Technical design: Jack World
Manufacture: Jack World
Photos: Manon Dumas


Design: The committee
Technical design: Jack World
Manufacture: Jack World
Photos: Manon Dumas


Design : Anne Lagacé & Mirari
Technical design: Jack World
Manufacture: Jack World
Photos : Jack World


Design : Moment Factory
Technical design: Jack World (for some elements)
Manufacture: Jack World (for certain elements)
Photos : Jack World
Design: The committee
Technical design: Jack World
Manufacture: Jack World
Photos : Jack World


By Mathias Gmachl, co-produced by MuseumsQuartier Wien (Austria), LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura (Switzerland) and Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles (Canada). Distribution: QDSinternational. Executive producer: Jack World photos: Marco Bistolfi & Alexandre Ayer | @DiversityPics for the Garment District Alliance

Happy vacation 2023!

We want to offer you attractive places to visit during the summer season. Places where you'll find magnificent projects for which we're very proud to have had the chance to collaborate on these unique creations.

Follow us! Follow us! It's worth the detour!


We offer you an immersive experience in the discovery of flora and fauna, just a stone's throw from Montreal. In the Parc National des Iles-de-Boucherville, you'll find LES HALTES DÉCOUVERTES, a unique 20-kilometre trail featuring a large interactive fresco and 8 explanatory stops.

It's the perfect place for picnicking, walking, cycling and camping. Do it on your own, with friends or family.

Come breathe the fresh air and get closer to nature!


Whether it's for its breathtaking scenery, gourmet restaurants or just to get away from it all, Charlevoix is the perfect destination for a memorable stay.

In addition, Le Festif! de Baie Saint-Paul takes place this weekend! A not-to-be-missed event on the Quebec & international music scene. The diverse program is sure to please!

Once you've had your fill of music and encounters, we suggest you make a detour to the Casino de Charlevoix. To have fun, of course, but also to admire our very first project.

In the main hall of the Casino de Charlevoix is this one. Look up to the sky and you'll see a magnificent chandelier diffusing light through a set of prisms that create circular light sequences.
A Moment Factory concept that Jack World produced in collaboration with Generique Design.

In 2010, the family garage was transformed into a real workshop! That's right! The 14' x 20' work was created in a space not much bigger than this. The three brothers and their father have been Tetris champions ever since!

So many memories... still today, making us all infinitely proud of this project!

Enjoy this wonderful corner of the world, and discover where Jack World began.


We can't overlook the event of July 6, 2013, when the community of Lac-Mégantic experienced an unprecedented human and ecological catastrophe.

Authentic and innovative, the town of Lac-Mégantic is a region worth discovering. Whether for its people, its shops, its activities or its superb panorama, it's well worth the detour!

Did you know that Jack World helped rebuild the town center? In collaboration with Daily tous les jours, we participated in LA MARCHE DU VENT as a manufacturer and installer.

"La marche du vent is a memorial walk, a therapeutic route that pays tribute to the victims of the tragedy and supports the residents at the dawn of the city's major reconstruction project. "-Daily every day.

Along the way, you'll pass through THE HOUSE OF WIND. Above your head you'll see 79 wind chimes representing each of the victims. They resonate in the wind, inspiring contemplation.

You'll also come across five wooden houses: THE HOUSE OF STORIES. They will teach you about the resilience of the inhabitants over time, beyond the tragedy.

You can then head for "La Réserve internationale de ciel étoilé du Mont-Mégantic", an exceptional destination for learning about astronomy or simply admiring the sky. Also in collaboration with Dayli tous les jours, Jack World helped build five giant hammocks, woven with the help of the community. A perfect place to spend a memorable moment with loved ones and gaze at the stars.

And that's not all! The town is the first in Quebec to have an electric microgrid. A system equipped with 2,200 solar panels, several storage batteries, a home automation device and a centralized control system. It is capable of supplying part of Lac-Mégantic's new downtown area.

Thanks to our partnership with Hydro-Québec, we are delighted to have been involved in the latter's outdoor interpretation project. In collaboration with Studio Overall, we have created an explanatory wall and kiosk to tell you all about the solar panels.

Discover a city full of riches, and make some incredible memories.


Ice cream, sweet lemonade, tell me the name of your date! A B C D... lalala
These words bring back memories of our youth for many of us.

Bringing people of all origins together, young and old alike can have fun, skipping rope awakens our childlike hearts.

With Skip Up! we instantly fall back into childhood.
Better still, there's no need to quibble about who's going to turn first haha!

This 100% Jack World project is now available to amuse and embellish your public spaces.

Don't hesitate to write to us for more information on how to rent Skip! Up!

Have a great summer! We wish you a summer filled with exciting projects, enriching encounters and memories to tell! Don't forget to bundle up, but above all, have fun!

We'd like to take this opportunity to point out that the Jacks will be taking a short summer break. We'll be off for the two weeks of construction, from July 23 to August 6. A well-deserved break to get you back in top form by August 7!

Thank you for your confidence, and we look forward to working with you soon!

A perfect evening for the 6th edition of Maillage Numérique!

Longueuil, June 7, 2023 - Creative agency Les Prétentieux and Jack World, in collaboration with Culture Montérégie, presented the 6th edition of Maillage Numérique on June 6th in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Over 90 people attended the highly successful event. Under the theme of Creativity: between materialization and dematerialization, spectators were able to discover inspiring and innovative projects, as well as a panel of seasoned experts from all over Quebec.

Eight projects were submitted:

The panel of experts included environmental designer and architect Vincent Hudon, web designer Lisa Leguourrierec, Nicolas Jacques Vice-president of JackWorld, Antoine Clayette President of Wireframe. C2MTL programmer Amélie Richard moderated the panel, during which discussions touched on various aspects of our relationship with artworks, between immateriality and materiality.

The event took place in Jack World's design and manufacturing studios, and the public was able to experience interactive digital works designed by the company.

" It was a great pleasure to help organize this event, welcoming so many talented people to our premises. This digital effervescence is fabulous. People's passion for this art form is growing steadily, and we're proud to contribute to the recognition and influence of Quebec's creative industries. " "

- Michael Jacques, President and CEO of Jack World.

" We would like to thank Jack World and Les Prétentieux for organizing this 6th edition of Maillage Numérique. We want to contribute to the digital development of the Montérégie region, and Maillage Numérique is an essential meeting place for designers, producers and distributors of interactive digital works."

- Nancy Bélanger, General Manager, Culture Montérégie

" It's very motivating for a creative agency like ours to take part in a project like Maillage Numérique. It's fascinating to see local artists competing in the creation of digital works. Talent is everywhere, and this Montérégie event helps to bring together both creators and those interested in the field."

- Charles Morin, Partner and Managing Director of Les Prétentieux.

A seventh edition of Maillage Numérique is in the works. The aim of the event is to stimulate digital creativity by promoting exchanges and collaborations between industry and creators. To keep abreast of the latest news, we invite you to visit the event's website:

About Jack World

Jack World specializes in the manufacture and design of interactive works for public spaces. Firmly rooted in the creative industries sector, the company has established itself over the years as an essential partner in the Quebec ecosystem. Recognized for its rigorous, turnkey approach to designing high-end projects, Jack World has successfully designed over a hundred interactive and digital installations in Canada, the United States and Europe.

About Culture Montérégie

Culture Montérégie is the strength of over 400 members united around a common goal: to support, develop and promote culture and communications in our region. We have been bringing together, representing and supporting Montérégie's professional artists, cultural organizations and their partners since 1977.

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A multidisciplinary agency specializing in strategy, communications, design and digital development, Les Prétentieux specializes in the marketing and development of tools designed to raise the profile of its customers and partners throughout Quebec. Integrating a strategic approach based essentially on Design Thinking into its entire creative process, the agency proposes innovative solutions centered on the reality and objectives of its customers.